VC at Bain Capital Ventures, investing in early and growth stage SaaS companies in marketing tech and other enterprise applications.

Since 2007, when I joined Bain Capital Ventures, I’ve been investing behind great companies like BloomReach, SquareTrade, Archer Technologies (acquired by EMC), Rapid7, Optimizely, Wrike and others. I’ve had the pleasure of helping entrepreneurs with everything from acquisitions (e.g., Brabeion Software by Archer) to customer intros to key management hires – hopefully that experience can be helpful to you.

I live / work in the Bay Area and would love to meet anyone who wants to talk about great tech ideas… preferably over coffee or beer – I love both of those things almost as much as geeking out over tech.

  1. Love the new blog Indy! Hope all is well!

  2. I have a company needing financing and would like to get materials to you…what is best way ?

  3. Indy – Do you have any data on reasonable early year growth rates (first few years) for Saas companies? for security software companies?

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